I Pledge To Nigeria My Country

A paper presented on the occasion of the Maiden Inaugural Ceremony of Nigerian Association of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on Saturday, September 24, 2016


O Nigeria my country,

My land and my soil,

My mother, my home,

My life, and my own,

I love you and I hail you, because I believe in you.

I believe in the promises your roots have made to you.

I believe in the potentials your seeds have got in you.

I believe in the privileges your flowers will draw to you.

I believe in the places your branches will go for you.

I believe in your colourful identity.

I believe in your powerful capacity.

I believe in your wonderful complexity.

I believe in your beautiful diversity.

I believe in your divine purpose,

I believe in your gallant strength;

And I believe in your heavy journey at the moment

Because I believe in your noble dreams of tomorrow.

Hence, I pledge to you, my dear country,

to be patient and prayerful,

until I see you revive and arise

from the ashes like a phoenix

and become esteemed and established

as a praise in the earth.

I pledge to Nigeria my country

to be connected and committed

to our vision and mission

of love, and loyalty,

of progress, and prosperity,

of justice, and equity,

and peace, and unity.

I pledge to Nigeria my country

to care for all and sundry,

to fight for fairness and freedom,

and to maximise every platform

within and around my world –

to make your light shine,

to make your voice heard,

and to make your heart proud.

I pledge to Nigeria my country

to contribute to the change we seek

together with the partners and the patriots

I meet on my path, and on the horizon

by letting my light and my fire to illuminate, to influence, to impact, to inspire,

and encourage, and equip, and empower my generation to become the best they can get to be,

and to leave a mark and a heritage for the generations to come;

so that someday, Posterity shall remember, and rejoice, and reward

the audacity of believing

and the adventure of becoming

a true son of your soil.

I therefore pledge to Nigeria my country,

to be faithful, loyal and honest,

to serve Nigeria, with all my heart, and might, and love, and strength and faith,

to promote her peace, and defend her unity,

and to uphold her values, her dignity, her honour and glory,

So help me God.