Don’t be The Ostrich

An ostrich might never fly — or know the glory of flying — not because of the weight, but perhaps because

a.) It’s accustomed to burying its head in the sand in the face of apparent threats​; or because

b.) It aspired to be the king of land birds.

Don’t be too afraid to fly, or only ambitious to become the fastest running bird on land (like the ostrich), with all the wings you were given.

You can only become so much by running too fast, or too far. But flying is a class of its own.

Don’t settle for any less because of your past experiences, your present circumstances, or all the wrong “what ifs” and “hows” and “buts.”

You’re meant for so much more.

It’s will surely take all the necessary odds to strengthen your convictions, for you to become more and more of all you’re meant to be.

Don’t be the Ostrich.

Be the Eagle.