Talent is Never Enough

You know this guy?

He started learning to play golf before age 2.

History is replete with several similar stories of passion and courage, which always reminds us that talent is never enough.

Deliberate, consistent practice is the only route to Mastery.

Talent only takes​ you so far. What keeps you going in the face of anything – and everything – is Passion.

Passion, i.e love for the work, for the process — is the fountain of momentum and drive. And it flows from the depth of your why. A lack of it is the big undoing of creativity.

Passion beats natural talent which only spins the cycle of one’s default strengths.

By reinventing yourself from time to time, you’ll continue to love and enjoy the process. And that’s fundamental to your progress because otherwise, routine fatigue only kicks in too soon to bore and burn you out.

While you often punctuate the process with the joy of your successes, continually striving to push yourself beyond your last limits and past achievements is the only way you grow, and hone your skills, and improve the quality, and increase the relevance of your art.


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