Some Key Traits of Mentally Strong People

Mentally strong people are people who have simply learnt to grow and get better through life. They share some great qualities which distinguish them.

  • They think independently.

Mentally strong people don’t always buy into everyone else’s ideas.

They think for themselves.

They are objectively curious.

They define their own narratives.

  • They act with courage.

They dump their excuses and confront their fears.

They commit to finding a way around their obstacles or through them.

  • They stick to their own path and pace.

They don’t allow themselves to get caught in the rat race, or in other peoples’ lanes.

They call their own tune and dance to their own rhythm.

  • They believe in themselves.

They don’t cheat on their persuasions.

They know their value and their worth, and never settle for anything less.

  • They choose their battles.

They don’t allow themselves to get stuck in drama, or distracted by trivia.

They are smart and focused.

  • They are tolerant.

They do things that increase their tolerance for pain. That’s how they grow.

They also learn to see things from other people’s perspectives.

  • They GIVE UP.


They give up on what did not work; but not on what they’re working on.

They give up on the blame game.

They give up on the past.

They give up on faking it.

And they give up on quitting.


It’s also worthy of note that mental strength is developed through training, just as we work out at the gym to develop physical strength.

Our mind is trained and toughened by learning from our life experiences, and from observing the lives of the people and the world around us.

To your best,