It Doesn’t Matter…

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.

It doesn’t matter where you start.

It doesn’t matter where you are.

It doesn’t matter what you don’t have.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve lost.

It doesn’t matter when it happens.

It doesn’t matter when it shows.

It doesn’t matter when you arrive.

It doesn’t matter who doesn’t care.

It doesn’t matter who is watching.

It doesn’t matter who is competing.

What matters is what you’re doing now.

What matters more is how you’re doing it.

And what matters most, is why you’re doing it.




You’ve got only one shot at youth

Don’t miss it, and don’t blow it

Give up on your excuses

Find yourself and be yourself

Read and write and read and write

Pray and fast from six to six

Get some abs and grow some beards

Paint your eyes and hair and nails

Break some rules and set new ones

Speak your truth and never mind

Grind your strength and make it count

Tour and lose and find your way

Live alone and learn to thrive

Stand on all the right shoulders

Fall forward and rise again

Crack your heart and let it heal

Take more risks and tell the tales

Learn some skills​ and solve some needs

Start a cause and keep at it

Give and share and help and serve

Carve your niche and chase your dreams

Till the Big Overnight comes

When you’ll thank your inner child

For taking the right chances

To come alive

And live in time


Guilt can’t​ change yesterday.

Complaints can’t​ change today.

Worry can’t change tomorrow…

And nothing changes anything overnight.

Change takes change.

And change takes time.

It’s a matter of change with time.

Not just a matter of time

Sometimes it’s slow.

Sometimes it’s costly.

Sometimes it’s weird.

Sometimes it’s hard.

But that’s what makes it worth it.

That’s what makes it count.

That’s what makes it whole.

That’s what makes it last.

And ultimately,

That’s what makes it happen.

Talent is Never Enough

You know this guy?

He started learning to play golf before age 2.

History is replete with several similar stories of passion and courage, which always reminds us that talent is never enough.

Deliberate, consistent practice is the only route to Mastery.

Talent only takes​ you so far. What keeps you going in the face of anything – and everything – is Passion.

Passion, i.e love for the work, for the process — is the fountain of momentum and drive. And it flows from the depth of your why. A lack of it is the big undoing of creativity.

Passion beats natural talent which only spins the cycle of one’s default strengths.

By reinventing yourself from time to time, you’ll continue to love and enjoy the process. And that’s fundamental to your progress because otherwise, routine fatigue only kicks in too soon to bore and burn you out.

While you often punctuate the process with the joy of your successes, continually striving to push yourself beyond your last limits and past achievements is the only way you grow, and hone your skills, and improve the quality, and increase the relevance of your art.


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Don’t be The Ostrich

An ostrich might never fly — or know the glory of flying — not because of the weight, but perhaps because

a.) It’s accustomed to burying its head in the sand in the face of apparent threats​; or because

b.) It aspired to be the king of land birds.

Don’t be too afraid to fly, or only ambitious to become the fastest running bird on land (like the ostrich), with all the wings you were given.

You can only become so much by running too fast, or too far. But flying is a class of its own.

Don’t settle for any less because of your past experiences, your present circumstances, or all the wrong “what ifs” and “hows” and “buts.”

You’re meant for so much more.

It’s will surely take all the necessary odds to strengthen your convictions, for you to become more and more of all you’re meant to be.

Don’t be the Ostrich.

Be the Eagle.


Always, always put YOURSELF on.

You’re as unique as anyone else you’re tempted to look like.

Every effort you put into looking like another person is an effort against becoming a better version of you.

And, no one copes with who they are not, for too long.

Give everyone around you the gift of you.

Let your world experience you in all your weird glory.

And all the right people will love you for who you truly are.

More so, being YOU makes it easier for you to become a better you.

So, put yourself on.

Every time.


You are most secure when you’re inside you.


It’s something no one else can take away from you.

Five Daily Hacks to Sharpen Your Mind

1. Take a walk.

Go and visit Nature.

Regular outdoor nature walks have been found to make you more creative, reduce stress, and improve your memory, your thinking skills, and your cognitive function.


2. Chew Gum.

Good gum chewing can strengthen your concentration on tasks that demand continuous visual monitoring. In Medical School, I learnt about the Trigeminal Nerve (the Fifth Cranial Nerve), a branch of which is sensitized by chewing; which in turn stimulates the part of the brain responsible for alertness. Hence, chewing gum increases our alertness and our attention span.


3. Do something for the first time.

Do some things at random. download Duolingo app and teach yourself a new language. It has been very helpful for me in learning Spanish.

Dabble through any preferable musical instrument with a guide from Youtube. If you don’t have your choice instrument, you can get the Walkband app. Many more instruments are also there. It’s also been very helpful to me.

These, and other similar daily randoms help you develop new neural pathways in your brain, which keeps you smarter.

4. Update your Journal.

Or start keeping one if you don’t have any. Punctuate some ten minutes of each day away to ponder on fresh ideas; then write them down in your journal. Quora has been an easy and great idea funnel for me. I’ve only gone to study up, consult my experiences, and then synthesize my new ideas into the answer am giving.

Sure I know am inches smarter than I was before. And tomorrow will be another great chance to do same.


5. Start a Challenge.

Perhaps a 30-day, or even a one-year challenge. Commit to something — anything worthwhile — for ten minutes. You may not only make a hobby of it, it could also become financially resourceful.

Set goals around it, and get a friend you can be accountable to. In the process, you stretch your comfort zone and grow.

Oops…. and I got three bonus hacks! Enjoy…

6. Join the Toastmasters Club.

Public speaking has been found to be the #1 human fear. Toastmasters is an international organisation that trains people in the art of public speaking, to help them learn how to communicate better, and express themselves in a more engaging way. You can find and join the club nearest to you.

7. Invest in your personal growth.

Read at least 1 good personal development article a day. Of course you’d already mentioned podcasts. Also add audio books. You’re a new Blink away from a smarter you. Am a witness myself. It’s a daily, 10–15 minute summary of some really cool PD books. Check it out. And commit to the lessons​ you learn. That’s when the growth happens.

8. Take a nap.

Yes. Naps are great too. Naps increase alertness and performance at work. It also clears your brain’s short-term memory storage and makes more space for new information, hence improving your learning capacity.

So much. It also relieves stress, etc.


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