Your 70,000 dollars

Imagine receiving a daily voucher of 70,000 dollars, which expired at the end of the day.

How do you spend it? How much would you trade into real resources?

Your mind processes such number of thoughts every day. How many of them do you make your own?

Few actually think. Some think they think. While many don’t think.

Colonize those thoughts. More so, fertilize them into ideas.


The Mona Lisa

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Leonardo Da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa sometime between 1503 and 1504 in Florence, Italy. It was reported that after he had lingered on it for four years, he left it unfinished.

In 1516, he was invited by King François I to work at Clos Lucé near the king’s castle in Amboise. He took the Mona Lisa project with him and continued to work after he moved to France. He was said to have probably continued the work until around 1516 and 1517. It took him some painstaking ten years to paint the Mona Lisa.

Ever since, the Mona Lisa portrait has been acclaimed as the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, and the most parodied work of art in the world.

Sometime before 1962, the painting was assessed for insurance at $100 million; and due to some corporate contingencies, the insurance was not bought then.

By 2015, the amount in 1962 had become rated as equivalent to $782 million, making it the most valued painting ever, from History till date.

The Mona Lisa painting has outlived five centuries as an unmatched legacy. It always reminds us we shouldn’t quit on even our weirdest dreams. Great dreams take great courage. Sometimes a great amount of time. But they shift the curve of History. They become the next wonders of the world.

Keep dreaming big!

You Have To Demand For Your Dreams.

Changing looks hard. It actually is. You may have done so much about it, and still find yourself repeating the same decisions every day, recycling old patterns. Perhaps chasing a lot at the same time and spread your energy thin. You can’t account for how the hours fly. You feel stuck in an autopilot, frustrated with the spin cycle of underachievement. You’re striving to do better, yet each effort seems deficient or ineffective for the kind of life you dream. The good news is, you’re not alone.

But the real news is, you have to want it bad enough. When your “why” is tough, you can survive almost any “how”. You’ll pay any price. You’ll rise up and go out and grab life. You’ll figure out your own path and begin to live on your own terms. You’ll cross that point of no return. You’ll stop floating. And you become changed in the process.

Whatever the nature of your dream, whatever your definition of success, it has a price. A commitment to bend with the growth curve. Are you going to pay it? Do you want it that much? Would you keep waiting for Life to come around and happen for you? Or are you willing to do whatever it takes?

It begins with knowing the shifts you need to make, re-framing your environment to become “conducive” for your goals. Conducive in the sense of getting you uncomfortable with the level you are. It begins with giving up the countless good things you’d have to forfeit for the few best, including relationships and pursuits that aren’t part of your growth plans, however “cool” they are for your present self. It begins with declining your excuses and seeking new strategies to get what you really want.

It begins with reconditioning you.

You truly deserve to become that person you know deep within that you can be. But every great thing has a cost. And the cost is on you because no one else cares about the kind of success you want more than you should do. It’s possible, but you must demand it.

It Doesn’t Matter…

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.

It doesn’t matter where you start.

It doesn’t matter where you are.

It doesn’t matter what you don’t have.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve lost.

It doesn’t matter when it happens.

It doesn’t matter when it shows.

It doesn’t matter when you arrive.

It doesn’t matter who doesn’t care.

It doesn’t matter who is watching.

It doesn’t matter who is competing.

What matters is what you’re doing now.

What matters more is how you’re doing it.

And what matters most, is why you’re doing it.




You’ve got only one shot at youth

Don’t miss it, and don’t blow it

Give up on your excuses

Find yourself and be yourself

Read and write and read and write

Pray and fast from six to six

Get some abs and grow some beards

Paint your eyes and hair and nails

Break some rules and set new ones

Speak your truth and never mind

Grind your strength and make it count

Tour and lose and find your way

Live alone and learn to thrive

Stand on all the right shoulders

Fall forward and rise again

Crack your heart and let it heal

Take more risks and tell the tales

Learn some skills​ and solve some needs

Start a cause and keep at it

Give and share and help and serve

Carve your niche and chase your dreams

Till the Big Overnight comes

When you’ll thank your inner child

For taking the right chances

To come alive

And live in time


Guilt can’t​ change yesterday.

Complaints can’t​ change today.

Worry can’t change tomorrow…

And nothing changes anything overnight.

Change takes change.

And change takes time.

It’s a matter of change with time.

Not just a matter of time

Sometimes it’s slow.

Sometimes it’s costly.

Sometimes it’s weird.

Sometimes it’s hard.

But that’s what makes it worth it.

That’s what makes it count.

That’s what makes it whole.

That’s what makes it last.

And ultimately,

That’s what makes it happen.

Talent is Never Enough

You know this guy?

He started learning to play golf before age 2.

History is replete with several similar stories of passion and courage, which always reminds us that talent is never enough.

Deliberate, consistent practice is the only route to Mastery.

Talent only takes​ you so far. What keeps you going in the face of anything – and everything – is Passion.

Passion, i.e love for the work, for the process — is the fountain of momentum and drive. And it flows from the depth of your why. A lack of it is the big undoing of creativity.

Passion beats natural talent which only spins the cycle of one’s default strengths.

By reinventing yourself from time to time, you’ll continue to love and enjoy the process. And that’s fundamental to your progress because otherwise, routine fatigue only kicks in too soon to bore and burn you out.

While you often punctuate the process with the joy of your successes, continually striving to push yourself beyond your last limits and past achievements is the only way you grow, and hone your skills, and improve the quality, and increase the relevance of your art.


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